Best Aussie Smiles - Top 5

Best Aussie Smiles - Top 5

Best Aussie Smiles – Top 5

Aussies in the public eye, especially the ones we see on our various screens, are often people we look up to. 

A fabulous glowing smile has a massive impact on our self-confidence regardless if we are famous or not.

Celebrities with a great smile understand they need to invest in their smile by way of daily teeth and gum cleaning products, regular trips to the dentist and in some cases the cosmetic surgeon.

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Anyway, we digress. Let’s list the top 5 Aussie celebrities who keep their smiles bright and healthy:

  1. Margot Robbie – Stunning Aussie with a stunning smile.
  2. Miranda Kerr – this Aussie beauty has not neglected her smile.
  3. Chris Hemsworth – this grinning Aussie’s smile is on another level.
  4. James Marsden – has a smile that makes everyone around him smile too.
  5. The Chase’s Mara Lejins – perfect smile, but scary - aka ‘The Smiling Assassin.’
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