Best Teeth Brushing Technique

Best Teeth Brushing Technique

Equipment must haves:

  1. High quality Bonny eBrush Sonic Vibrating ElecticToothbrush.
  2. Adjustable power modes to suit those with sensitive teeth and gums to those wanting a thorough clean or whitening.
  3. Smart 2 minute timer with 30 second pauses.
  4. Brush heads with quality soft bristles.
  5. Quality toothpaste.

I can remember being taught how to brush my teeth properly at school when I was 8 or 9 years old.  We had a dental nurse visit our school for a deep dive into teeth brushing. The technique was to use a circular motion evenly across our teeth.    We all brushed our teeth then chewed on pink plaque detection tablets, which showed the effectiveness of our teeth brushing and how much plaque was left behind.  We were all amazed at the various results we got post pink plaque tablet show time.  Some results were good, others were dreadful.

A Bonny eBrush Sonic Toothbrush does the work for you. 

  1. Position your Bonny Sonic eBrush on a 45 degree angle towards your gumline
  2. Use a gliding or sweeping motion front and back of your teeth at your desired power mode. Dentists around the World recommend at least 2 minutes of brushing twice a day.
  3. It’s important to evenly clean each quadrant of your mouth at least 30 seconds each. You will notice the Bonny Sonic eBrush has a brief pause every 30 seconds, which is a prompt to move to the next quadrant of your mouth. The Bonny Sonic eBrush will automatically turn off at 2 minutes.

You will notice an even clean that many people describe as being similar to the clean you get after an appointment with your dentist or hygienist.