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  • How does the Bonny eBrush Sonic Vibrating Electric Toothbrush work?

    Instead of oscillating, rotating or manual scrubbing the Bonny eBrush vibrates at a rate of up to 40,000 vibrations per minute that is proven to provide superior cleaning and whitening to your teeth whilst also taking care of your gums.

  • What should I do the first time I use my Bonny eBrush?

    We recommend charging the Bonny eBrush overnight for at least 8 hours prior to using it for the first time!  The charge should last up to approximately 30 days based on usage of 2 times per day for 2 minutes each clean.

  • What mode should I use on my Bonny eBrush?

    Whatever the requirement we have you covered with our 5 unique cleaning modes that all utilise eBrush sonic technology.

    Clean Mode - This will give your pearly whites the ultimate clean and make them feel fresh just like you have just been to the dentist… without the pain.

    White Mode - This is the strongest, and best for removing surface stains and increasing whiteness naturally. If you like to enjoy a nice glass of  red wine or slurp down a coffee or tea, and you have stains on your teeth,  then this mode is for you! 

    Polish Mode - This is ideal for a touch up or to finish the job.

    Soft Mode - This is for those that require an extra gentle cleaning mode for sensitive teeth and gums.  If you have tooth wear or gum disease, or you just like a gentle touch then Soft Mode is ideal.

    Sensitive Mode - This is the most gentle mode of all to ensure your sensitive teeth and gums get the best clean bearable.

  • How long does it take to receive my Bonny eBrush?

    Don’t stress, we send the Bonny eBrush out via Express AusPost for free, to ensure your teeth start getting a better clean sooner rather than later.

  • How can I protect my toothbrush when travelling?

    The Bonny eBrush loves to travel, we have the perfect travel case that can store 2 replacement brush heads and your brush….not to mention it wirelessly charges the brush!

  • How long should I brush my teeth?

    Dentists recommend a total of 2 minutes, 30 seconds per quadrant of your mouth twice per day (morning and night). The Bonny eBrush has an automatic 2 minute timer with a brief pause every 30 seconds to remind you to move to the next quadrant of your mouth for cleaning.

  • How long do the brush heads last?

    Brush heads should be replaced at least every 2 months, or sooner if there are signs of wear and tear.

  • Can I use my Bonny eBrush Electric Toothbrush in the shower?

    Yes, Bonny eBrush was born to get wet boasting IPX7 waterproof rating.  Don’t charge or store your Bonny eBrush in or near water.  Allow your Bonny eBrush to air dry in between uses.

  • Are the Brush Heads soft?

    Yes, dentists typically recommend soft bristles. Both our Standard DuPont and Charcoal brush heads are soft and perfect for sensitive gums and whitening teeth as recommended by dentists. Our replacement brush heads protect enamel and are gentle on sensitive gums. We recommend replacing the brush heads every 2 months or sooner if there are signs of wear and tear. 

  • How do I replace my Bonny eBrush Brush Heads?

    Our DuPont and Charcoal Soft Brush Heads can be purchased individually, or to save money you can buy 6, 9 or 12 months supply upfront. Click here to take you to our brush heads

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